JLG® Bolt on Fall Arrest for 36”x96” (3’x8’) Platform

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The new JLG®Bolt-On Fall Arrest Restraint System is designed for use on the rear of Mobile Elevation Work Platform (MEWP) boom machines with 36”x96” (3’x8’) platforms. This feature allows an occupant to exit the platform at height and step onto adjacent structures while being tied off to an approved lanyard anchor point on the platform. The Bolt-On Fall Arrest System consists of two large steel brackets securing a 6-foot cable with a ring that can move from one end of the cable to the other. This is attached to the rear side of a boom platform basket. Attaching the lanyard to the ring improves maneuverability and allows the operator to perform tasks outside of the platform without detaching the safety harness. This helps keep the operator tethered to the platform at all times.

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Length: 18  Width: 12  Height: 12  Weight: 22.9

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2,308.60 USD

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