Item 90455037 has must read information.
Notes: This part may be available through JLG's inventory management partner Lippert Enterprises, as JLG will no longer actively stock. Please con tact Lippert in one of three ways: request access to the JLG inventory at, call them at 419-281-8084 or go to their webs ite at
Comments: 522-2S USE CAP. CHART 91083384. 522D-2S USE CHART 91383036. 522D-2S LO-PRO USE CHART 91483042. 522-3S USE CAP. CHART 91083544. 522D-3S USE CHART 91383028. 522D LO-PRO USE CHART 91383037. 522D-3S LO-PRO USE CHART 91483043. 524-2S USE CAP. CHART 91083384. 524D-2S USE CHART 91383036. 524D-2S LO-PRO USE CHART 91483042. 524-3S USE CAP. CHART 91083544. 524D-3S USE CHART 91383028. 524D LO-PRO USE CHART 91383037. 524D-3S LO-PRO USE CHART 91483043. 532-2S USE CAP. CHART 91063081. 532-3S USE CAP. CHART 91033400. 532C-6 USE CAP. CHART 91033400. 534B-6 USE CAP. CHART 91033400. 534B-8 USE CAP. CHART 91033242. 534B-9 USE CAP. CHART 91033399. 534C-6 USE CAP. CHART 91033400. 534D-6 USE CHART 91333026. 534D6-42 USE CHART 91333025. 534C-9 USE CAP. CHART 91143209. 534D9-40 USE CHART 91343019. 534D9-45 USE CHART 91343067. 534C-10 USE CAP. CHART 91153015. 534D10-40 USE CHART 91353011. 534D10-45 USE CHART 91353020. 544B USE CAP. CHART 91043339. 544C USE CHARTS 91163230 & 91163244. 544D USE CHART 91363042 
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Weight: 1530

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