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Comments: See attached file: Our new common attachments have been designed to fit of our new common boom Telehandlers. Please review the attached document for information on load charts and serial number breaks. 

Carriage, Assembly 60" STD

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JLG has identified this part to be comparable to JCB 332/E8917 (66” Fork frame assembly) & 333/C9123 (66” Standard carriage). Dimensions and interchangeability with all JCB parts and machines is not guaranteed. Before use, please read the carriage serial tag, as the carriage weight and capacity may be different from what is indicated on JCB load charts.

For this carriage we advise customers to use forks and carriages from the same OEM. Failure to do so may result in bent or damaged forks. Forks for this carriage will have the following requirements, offset: 10mm, fork drop: 24”, and eye diameter: 2.25”.

For use on the following JCB telehandlers (507-42, 509-42, 510-56, 512-56)

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Length: 66  Width: 43  Height: 11  Weight: 498.1

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