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Comments: The XED version adds the items that are missing from the XE versions that will complete the engine equivalent to the original OEM specification. These may include flywheel, flywheel housing, mounts, air filters, guards, fuel pre-filters, hydraulic pumps and drives, counter plugs for wiring harness, etc. Externally cooled oil and water cooled XED engines do not include the factory cooling package that may have been part of the original specification. If this is required it can be supplied at additional cost. Please inquire at the time of quotation. The listed net price includes a $1800 core charge. Core charges are refunded upon receipt of your core and a visual external inspection by the engine manufacturer for any cracks, welds, holes or other damage. Cores must be shipped dry, and free of fluids to the following: Core charge refunds are not applicable for international orders. Deutz Xchange 1409 Valentine Ind Pkwy Pendergrass GA 30567 Please call the JLG Parts Call Center (1-877-554-5438) for further 


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