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Comments: **Based on current market constraints, we recommend ordering bulk T5 1 5W-40 (Part number 70013273).** Customer must be signed up on Lubrica n t Program to order. For new account set up please contact partsprogr am to be added to the program. Minimum delivery size applies :55 gallons mixed package, 165 gallons per sku for bulk. $75 surcharge on orders placed below these min order quantities. 

Shell® Rotella T4 15W-40 Bulk Fill

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Shell® is the approved oil and lubricants supplier for JLG machines with compatibility for most equipment manufacturers. Recommended to maintain your entire fleet's optimal performance, save time and money through competitive pricing, fast and easy program sign up, streamlined parts ordering, direct shipment and freight discounts.

To order, you must be signed up on the Lubricant Program. To set up a new program account, please contact and include:

  • JLG Account #
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Minimum delivery size applies: 55 gallons mixed package, 165 gallons per sku for bulk. A  $75 surcharge will be applied on orders below the minimum order quantities. 


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