JLG® 12V Starter Battery




This 12-volt starter (Group 31) battery is used on a variety of JLG® boom (MEWP) lifts and scissor lifts. 

Used on the following JLG® Models:

RS Series Boom Lifts- 24RS, 24RSJ

300 Series Boom Lifts- 340AJ

H/HA/HT/HX Boom Lifts- 34HA, 40H, 40H+6, 40HA, 45HA, 60H, 60H+6, 60HA, 70H, 80H, 80HX, 80HX+6, 86HX

400 Series Boom Lifts- 400S, 400S HC3, 400SC, 450A, 450A Series II, 450AJ, 450AJ Series II, 460SJ, 460SJ HC3, 460SJC, EC450AJ

500 Series Boom Lifts- 510AJ, EC520AJ

600 Series Boom Lifts- 600A, 600AJ, 600AJ HC3, 600S, 600S HC3, 600SC, 600SJ, 600SJC, 601S, 660SJ, 660SJ HC3, 660SJC, 680S

700 Series Boom Lifts- 740AJ

800 Series Boom Lifts- 800A, 800AJ, 800AJ HC3, 800S, 800S HC3, 860SJ, 860SJ HC3, H800AJ

RT Scissor Lifts- 25RTS, 330LRT, 3394RT, 33RTS, 400RTS, 40RTS, 430LRT, 4394LRT, 4394RT, 500RTS, 530LRT, RT3394, RT4394, RT5394

JLG Telehanders- 1043, 1055, 1075, 1255, 1644, 1732, 2505, 2505H, 3006H, 3507PS, 3510PS, 4008PS, 534D-10, 534D-9, 544D, 642, 7013H, 742, 8010H, 925, 943, G10-43A, G5-18A, G6-42A, G9-43A

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