JLG Radiator Single Pack Assembly

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The JLG Radiator Single Pack Assembly is used on various JLG Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) equipped with Ford LRG 425 or GM 3.0L engines. The assembly includes the radiator with cap and a radiator shroud. For us on models: 100SX, 110SX, 110SXJ, 120SXJ, 400S, 450A, 450AJ, 460SJ, 600S, 600SJ, 601S, 660SJ, 600A, 600AJ, 680S, 740AJ, 800S, 800A, 800AJ, 860SJ. Please verify proper engine type and serial number range for your equipment..

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Length: 32  Width: 32  Height: 10  Weight: 30

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