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Comments: TELEMATICS DEVICE CERTIFICATIONS ARE COUNTRY SPECIFIC. THIS KIT IS ONLY APPLICABLE IN COUNTRIES LISTED BELOW: AUSTRIA BELGIUM BULGARIA CYPRUS CZECH REPUBLIC DENMARK ESTONIA FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY GREECE HUNGARY ICELAND IRELAND ITALY LATVIA LITHUANIA LUXEMBOURG MALTA NETHERLANDS NORWAY POLAND PORTUGAL ROMANIA SLOVAK REPUBLIC SLOVENIA SPAIN SWEDEN SWITZERLAND UNITED KINGDOM ClearSky Telematics devices are only certified in the list of countries found on the JLG site: In order to ensure proper association of the device to the right equipment, once customer has received their device, they should provide the device serial number and equipment serial number to or call 877-554-5438 Option 6. A signed contract will be required before telematics services can begin. Please contact to initiate services. 


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Length: 12  Width: 12  Height: 6  Weight: 0

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