JLG MEWP Scissor Skysense kit (Level 2: 8 sensors)




SkySenseTM is an enhanced detection system from JLG that uses strategically placed object detection sensors to provide operators an added level of awareness of their immediate surroundings as they elevate or drive. When a machine is in use, the sensors establish warning zones and stop distances in the machine’s direction of motion, increasing protection of people and property. The warning zone scale for functions with proportional joystick input, which is unique to JLG and SkysenseTM.

  • Produces audible and visual warnings of obstructions
  • Slows and then stops machine functions based on proximity to obstructions
  • Minimizes onsite incidents and damage to machine and job site structures
  • Upfits easily to existing machines in your fleet
  • Offers two levels of coverage for a customized solution to your needs
  • Boom level 1: 8 sensors, level 2: 12 sensors
  • Scissor level 1: 4 sensors, level 2: 8 sensors

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JLG MEWP Scissor Skysense kit (Level 2: 8 sensors) - 1001255884