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Back-Up Camera

The reversing camera provides an additional view directly behind the machine and magnifies sounds around the equipment during the day or night. This helps to increase awareness of the objects and people in your path. The robust camera kit and monitor system have been tested against the elements for durability and can handle the tough conditions of your worksite.

Multi-View Camera

Back up with confidence with the new multi-reverse camera system for SkyTrak telehandlers. This optional feature increases job site awareness by displaying multiple views from behind the machine— left, right, and rear. This system can be used for day or night operation and features three components— left and right side back-up cameras, rear back-up camera, and a tri-view monitor.

See flyers for additional program information.

Flyer: Back-up Camera Flyer
See flyer for additional program information.

Flyer: Multi-View Camera Flyer
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